Full Review of Samsung Galaxy's 8 Note The Latest Android

Full Review of Samsung Galaxy's 8 Note The Latest Android - Do not want to go on in the dumps with Samsung Galaxy problem Note 7 which had exploded in a few decades ago, now South Korea origin vendors emerged from a slump in the problems that befell smartphone on the Note with the generation launched the successor of Note Edition relies on the flagship label new smartphone called Samsung Galaxy Note 8, this sophisticated phones will come with specifications far more formidable and fierce than its predecessor, and it is certain now that Samsung vendor will ensure the security of its newest smartphone usage so that events that then do not reoccur.

In the sector of design, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in contrast to previous generations, carrying the body of material with full metal so it will make the display of this phone looks the more elegant and luxurious. In spite of ample dimensions, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 stay comfortable while running. Samsung Galaxy-sized screen brings the 8th Note 6.4 inch with a resolution that is reasonably capable, that Quad HD (2160 x 3840p) which Super AMOLED technology so that it is able to present a very detailed graphics, with blending colour combinations sharp.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 adopts the kitchen runway is reliable in terms of multitasking, with the latest chipset and artificial state of Qualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon i.e. 845 with processors that are unfortunately unknown will carry the core eight or the others, and on the graphics processor Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored to be integrate with Adreno graphics processor 540 certainly can present the display while playing games or watching video with a satisfying sensation. Using the gr, Hp specifications of Android is already provided with 6 GB of RAM/8 GB reliable in multitasking without any lag.

Whereas, in the sector of photography this smartphone brings the dual camera technology on the main camera resolution 12 MP. In addition this new camera phone also in some of the features such as optical image stabilisation, the Dual LED Flash that will help when taking pictures at low light, State and phase Detection Autofocus that accelerates focus when shooting so place in focus will be right on target. Relying on some of the features of this powerful tool, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 certainly will be able to produce a clear and highly optimized with detailed graphics and neat combinations, so the precious moments you can display pictures stored in the that was awesome.
Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Review Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Not only that, the main camera is also capable of recording video quality 4 k camera resolution with results 2160p @ 30 fps (Quad HD), 60fps @ 1080 p (Full HD), 720 p @ 240fps (HD), coupled with a second camera that is capable of naturally video quality will generate in the the more detailed and spectacular. And in the sector of the front camera, Samsung smartphone to equip them with the camera resolution 8 MP rely on aperture of f/1.6 are no less powerful compared with the main camera, the existence of some of the features that can include in selfie moment you will look even more perfect.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will carry a smartphone that has an internal memory with several variants that you can choose Customize from the needs of mobile users, the first variant with 64 GB of internal memory and a second variant with internal memory 128 GB. Carrying the memory of the giant Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can accommodate a lot of files, photos, music, videos, and applications in a number of very much more exciting is this mobile phone can also be added with external memory that has the maximum limit of 256 GB.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 8 already operates the latest Android OS (Nougat V 7.1) with today's fastest network i.e. 4 g LTE, which guaranteed a very stable and fast in terms of surfing the internet as well as streaming video, this phone to be carried with a big enough battery capacity and a powerful tool in running it, Li-ion 4000 mAh can be set as resource activities this new phone with the duration of a long time, there is also a feature that will assist in the Quick charge when charging the battery so it takes only a short time. The security problem in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 integrate fingerprint and iris scanning system that helps you in protecting your sophisticated phones.

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