Full review of the Apple iPhone 7 with the best Specs

Full review of the Apple iPhone 7 with the best Specs - As one giant vendor phone sales dominate the world, Apple has confirmed the consistency to showcase advanced mobile-phone on the market. In addition to not stop innovating in design and produce quality products, Apple ever upholding the quality of his mobile phone with a fixed phone rates soared.

The series for the sake of the series has been launched, Apple certainly give my friend a picture of specs and features that exist on mobile hosts this Apple. This year, as heavy competition from Samsung, Apple is preparing iPhone 7 brings a variety of features on top of the iPhone 6. So it's worth a try for you iPhone fans with quality qualified.

Apple iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7
Discuss more about price of iPhone 7 which will be sold in the market at the time not yet determined, the iphone price range 7 will still be sold in spectacular prices about 10 millions. Obviously, the higher series to be sold for a higher price. The certainty of the price we just wait until the phone is officially released by Apple to the market.
IPhone price 7 sold this high is not provided with the performance of the screen width. Because despite its name iPhone 7, do not then this phone has a screen with a width of 7 inch anyway. The quality of screen LED backlit IPS LCD with 4.7 inch width provided by Apple with the quality of the screen did not disappoint. Added protection of Ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating.

Specification iPhone 7 certainly has an operating system-based iOS. For this latest series, Apple's latest display delivers performance with iOS type 10. How it looks? If the curious may also try to taste the specs and features on iPhone 7. Increasingly supported by Apple chipset use A10. supported with 2 GB of RAM usage.
Specs Of Apple iPhone 7
Specs Of Apple iPhone 7
Products from Apple is indeed well known with internal storage facilities with large spaces. For series 7 iPhone price is not apart from this feature because there are three option series capacity 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB of capacity. This large memory storage reasons because Apple does not provide additional microSD slot to prevent virus-infected cell phone.

Although referred to as cell phones are cool and sophisticated, yet lacking specification up to now haven't we found Apple products that have a capacity of battery is capable of. Most mobile phone use the battery capacity is quite small so wasteful if used daily. Need for such power storage power bank for backup power when your cell phone battery capacity exhausted.

The price of the iPhone that Indonesia's newest 7 already you can buy in the store phone in your area. Cell phones – cell phone iPhone is indeed in expensive. Given the incredible specifications as well as the popularity of the brand is already famous in which – where making this phone is worth the expensive.

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