Complete Specifications Smartphone Vivo V7 Plus Good Features

Complete Specifications Smartphone Vivo V7 Plus Good Features - In India, Vivo re-launched a new device called Vivo V7 Plus. Continuing the success of its predecessor Vivo V5 which was also released first in the country, this device also brings the same advantages with its predecessor, the excellence in selfie affairs. Moreover, V Vivo V series is already popular with the devices aimed at the upper middle segment so that the specifications brought by Vivo V7 Plus is also quite high and reliable to support daily activities.

In addition to the main attraction in the line of photography, the design brought by this latest device is also able to seize the attention of many people. The reason, the device called Vivo V7 Plus is also applying the trend of Samsung's Infinity display so that the face is almost completely covered by the screen. Breakthrough on this side of the design will certainly be an attraction itself because the previous Vivo devices are still present with a side bezel on the screen.
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo V7 Plus
Vivo V7 Plus brings high specs that are very attractive for the smartphone category in the middle class. Because the physical sector alone brings new innovations with infinity display and bezel-less design. IPS LCD screen measuring 5.99 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels was able to offer a quality visual display that is comfortable when viewed the eye. Performance Vivo V7 Plus is also already tough with the kitchen sector runway powered Octa core processor speed 1.8 GHz and support 4 GB of RAM capacity.

What's more, the components in it are already running on the Nougat Android operating system. Vivo V7 Plus also offers a line of advanced photography with main camera 16 MP resolution and front camera that the resolution is even higher, ie 24 MP. With a high resolution front camera, the user who likes to selfie activity would be comfortable to linger doing his hobby.

Specifications Vivo V7 Plus on the physical side seems to get a pretty strong influence from the trend of Infinity Display presented by Samsung. The reason, this device comes with a face that is almost covered by the screen so that the side bezel also looks very thin. Body design carried by Vivo V7 Plus also looks premium but still elegant with a metal body wrap is offered in a choice of colors of champagne gold and matte black and fingerprint sensors are pinned on the back. For the dimensional side, the device comes with a length of 155.9 mm, a width of 75.8 mm, and a thickness of 7.7 mm and its own weight of 160 grams. Vivo V7 Plus carries IPS LCD display with span.

In addition to the maximum displays that include it in the phablet category, the screen has a resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels with 269 ppi so that the visual display is owned Vivo V7 Plus is comfortable when viewed by the eye. In addition to multitouch support, the use of Funtouch OS 3.2 interface also makes the screen of this phone more friendly and attractive to users. Even so, until now has not mentioned the type of protective screen layer that is used on this Vivo V7 Plus specification.

From the physical sector, now the discussion will continue to the Vivo V7 Plus specifications on the inside. The kitchen sector runway on this phablet turned out to rely on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chipset as the processing brain. The chipset carries an Octa Cortex-A53 processor with a clock speed of 1.8 GHz to offer robust performance performance. Inside the chipset that brought Vivo V7 Plus is also there Adreno 506 graphics card to provide quality visual content support in games and multimedia applications when run.

This sector is also supported with 4 GB of RAM for all multitasking activities in Vivo V7 Plus can run smoothly without lag. The performance capabilities of this phone also feels more complete with the running of the Android 7.1 Nougat operating system. Although not yet using the latest Android operating system that is Oreo, but the specifications Vivo V7 Plus on the kitchen is still perfect.

After knowing the performance of the phone, now is the time we see what the extent of storage space on the Vivo V7 Plus specifications. The presence of adequate storage space or storage is one important thing to support the smooth operation. For business this one, Vivo presents its new device with internal memory of 64 GB. Internal memory capacity in Vivo V7 Plus is certainly able to accommodate all sorts of files with a considerable amount.

Even the storage space can be made into extra wide by adding a microSD capacity of 256 GB maximum. That way, my friend Begawei can store more large files in the Vivo V7 Plus. Moreover microSD slot provided Vivo on this device manifold dedicated slot, so users do not have to bother to remove the SIM 2 to use microSD. Well, it is certainly one of the superior features of this Vivo V7 Plus specification.

As already mentioned earlier that the main attraction of the Vivo V7 Plus specifications can be found on the line of photography. This is because the phablet is equipped with two camera devices that have a very high resolution. The rear sector rely on a 16 MP camera with f / 2.0 aperture and support feature detection autofocus and LED flash to produce sharp and clear images even taken in dark conditions.

The main camera that brought Vivo V7 Plus is also capable of producing 1080p quality video @ 30fps. Meanwhile, the front sector is armed with 24 MP camera with f / 2.2 openings so as to produce attractive selfie photos and excellent support for video call activity. The photographic capabilities of the Vivo V7 Plus device are also more complete with the presence of a number of support features such as 1/3 "sensor size, 1.0 μm pixel size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, and HDR. These features would make the images and video produced on the camera from the Vivo V7 Plus specification is more attractive.

Furthermore, the specifications Vivo V7 Plus on the connectivity is also equipped with complete components. The reason, this sector has been equipped with dual SIM slot that supports 4G LTE network access with super fast internet connection. With this network access, users can spur data download activity on this Vivo V7 Plus up to 150 Mbps speed and upload data at 50 Mbps. Vivo still retains the old GSM and HSPA network for alternative options.

Wi-Fi 802.11 and hotspot feature in this phablet can also be used to get internet access for free. Well, if you want to transfer files, Vivo V7 Plus users can rely on Bluetooth 4.1, A2DP, LE, microUSB 2.0, and USB On-The-Go. In addition, the connectivity section can also find the location with great accuracy because the navigation technology A-GPS and GLONASS also participated pinned on the Vivo V7 Plus specifications.

Finally we have come to the very end of this segment that will discuss about the power supply sector of this Vivo V7 Plus specification. This phablet specification is indeed filled with quality mid-range typical components that require a sizable power supply. The high resolution camera it carries is certainly also the most consuming part of power.

In order for Vivo V7 Plus can still be used with the maximum, Vivo choose the type of non-removable Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 3225 mAh as a power supplier. The capacity of this large enough battery would be sufficient to supply the power requirements of each component. In addition, this battery is at least able to make Vivo V7 Plus survive in siaganya condition in full day. Although, if comparing with the specifications of the battery is fairly mediocre, but at least can support its performance smoothly.

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