Best Specifications Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Complete Features

Best Specifications Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Complete Features - Reportedly ready to be released February 2018, it seems Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus became one of the most trending topics in the world of global gadgets. Not without reason considering the presence of Samsung's advanced devices as another variant of the Galaxy S9 is now more sticking out in cyberspace. In fact, the emergence of devices in the flagship class titled Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is getting stronger with the emergence of a screen shoot benchmark application Geek bench with the model number "SM-G965U1".

Strong suspicion that the news is a sign of the readiness of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus to present dominate the global smartphone market to accompany Galaxy S9 in 2018 to come. In fact, it is likely that the device in the leak score Geek bench Galaxy S9 Plus for the United States market.
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus
Since the circulation of a number of photos depicting the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, of course, is a fact that makes the public even more curious. Moreover, in some leaked photos were shown that the Korean-made flagship from South Korea has an interesting design. In fact, it looks also a dual main camera that further strengthens the prediction that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will be equipped with features super sophisticated and qualified photography.

In addition, from some leaks that have been obtained, this device will be equipped with super reliable engine components, such as Octa processor and Snapdragon 845 chip ready to support two choices of large-capacity RAM, which is 4 GB or 6 GB. That way, about the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus does not seem to doubt its toughness.

In the exterior sector itself, the specification of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is apparently indeed will bring a number of advantages that we can not miss just like that. The reason, from the physical side itself, Samsung's flagship device is designed with a very elegant body and modern made from Front / Back Glass (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame. So, make it look more interesting.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will carry a 6.2 inch wide screen with super high resolution capability, which is 1440 x 2960 18.5: 9 ratio. That way, it would not be surprised if this device would be a fugitive of middle-class consumers. Not only that, even super AMOLED screen panels also become advanced technology that is ready to display a perfect visualization for its users. Of course, this is one of the advantages of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus in the visual sector.

While on the other hand, do not forget also that this time the manufacturer has also equip the flagship device with screen protection in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is ready to protect the screen from scratches to the maximum. That way, it can be said that the physical body sector and visualization of the Galaxy S9 Plus specs are fairly elegant, modern, and certainly reflects the futuristic style of mobile phones.

On the other hand, do not forget also that will also provide information on the sector of the kitchen runway from the specs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Balancing the looks so elegant and attractive, of course, the runway on this flagship device will be equipped with a variety of advanced engine components that are ready to deliver super reliable performance results. Call it like a Qualcomm MSM Snapdragon 845 chipset that will be powered by an Octa Core processor. Thus, the operational performance of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is also becoming more leverage and super. Not only that, even later this device will also be armed with two variants of RAM with a very large capacity, which is 4 GB or 6 GB.

Although different but the second RAM is certainly going to make multitasking activities on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is becoming more smoothly and its performance was more responsive to support all operational activities of the system. Meanwhile, for its own operating system, this time Samsung is rumored to be providing OS Android Oreo as the latest operating system that offers a number of advanced features and functional on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specification.

Not enough just the appearance and performance are getting attention, even the storage sector on the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was also certainly going to get a warm welcome from prospective customers. Of course, given the later sophisticated plant manufacturer Ginseng World origin will offer two variants or internal memory options that have a very large capacity space. Both options Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus memory is 64 GB or 128 GB. Of course, with both variants offered, the taste is sufficient to support the storage of users.

In fact, although fairly large capacity but Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus also has been offering an external memory slot. This slot can be filled with micro SD as additional memory up to 256 GB. That way, users can save some large files, such as Mp3 music, photos, video, applications, and games on this external memory. Thus, the internal memory will be more focused to save the file system. Well, internal memory is further strengthening the specs Galaxy S9 Plus as a premium flagship upper middle class.

On the other hand, for the affairs of photography, the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is also also seems to be equipped with highly sophisticated photography technology. Naturally considering the target market of this flagship device will indeed focus on the upper middle class market segment that incidentally enlivened the conglomerates.

Well related to photography, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is known to carry dual main camera that has 12 MP resolution capabilities that are also equipped with OIS, phase detection autofocus, 2x optical zoom, LED flash. So, it will produce a photo shot that is very stunning and looks more captivating. Not only that, the Samsung will also complete the photography sector of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is with a front camera with 8 MP resolution.

Despite having smaller resolution capabilities but this front camera is equipped with advanced features, in the form of autofocus, 1440p, dual video call, and Auto HDR. Meanwhile, to support the photography, the photography line from the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is already equipped with several supporting features, such as Geo-tagging, simultaneous 4K Video and 9MP image recording, touch focus, dace / smile detection, Auto HDR, and panorama .

Meanwhile, for business connectivity, the specification of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus was also equipped with some advanced features support. First, in terms of Internet network support, Samsung will rely on Cat16 LTE 4G network that has the ability to download access speeds up to 1024 Mbps. Of course, with such a high speed it is no wonder if users of Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will feel comfortable when surfing in cyberspace.

Meanwhile, to support communication activities, Samsung will also equip it with Dual Slot Hybrid SIM Card which both can be operated simultaneously. While on the other hand, to provide other connectivity activities, the manufacturer of K-Pop Affairs will equip Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus with some advanced features.

Among others are Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot as melee connectivity. On the other hand, to support data transfer activities then this flagship device is equipped with Bluetooth and USB Type C. Finally, to provide accurate information related to location mapping, Galaxy S9 Plus specs will be equipped with navigation systems.

Stepping on the last segment, this time will review the battery sector of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specification as a power supply feature. As we have discussed in some segments above, sophisticated flagship made by Ginseng State origin factory does indeed have some sophisticated components with widescreen and powerful features. Of course, it will make Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus requires battery power large enough to run the operation of each sector.

However, for now, there is still no detailed explanation of how much battery capacity to be carried Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. What is clear is that Samsung will rely on Li-Ion battery type that is equipped with Fast Battery Charging feature and Samsung DeX technology to make the sector of power supply source on Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specification is able to run optimally and efficiently.

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