Review of Apple iPhone 5 Full Specification Information

Where did this editorial is an article first reviews in America who viewed the presence of iPhone 5. All information submitted on the basis of real reality where the device directly in the hands, so that observations can be pure undigested. This is the iPhone 5 that the sales are very remarkable and is the all-time best-selling smart phones with previously.

The shape of the box (box) is not much different from the iPhone 4 as well as 4S. To figure your own iPhone 5 I actually still have the red thread of the stylish design of the iPhone 4/4S but more fine tune again so that the appearance of the iPhone 5 look more seductive (sexy). Wrap the side edge of the chrome is still maintained with fewer bright colors. Then the side tow iPhone 5 is already not using glass coating completely but rather with a layer of chrome that almost cover all parts of the back side. According to the author's style design on the back side of this is what makes the appearance of the iPhone 5 is so beautiful to look at.

Review Apple iPhone 5 Full

Review Apple iPhone 5 Full
Review Apple iPhone 5 Full
Body size with 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and weighs 112 grams make iPhone 5 be slimmer, lighter and has a longer screen than on the previous generation of iPhone. Layout of the buttons is almost similar to the previous iPhone, only for jack earphones on the iPhone 5 is the bottom. And loudspeaker to look more covered with small holes. At the moment you grip the first time iPhone 5 perceived absolute is noticeably lighter iPhone 5, thin and slightly elongated shape.

To the question of the screen because the screens are becoming longer, order of icon that was once there are 5 lines (including the line icon in the bar below), is now the 6 lines (including rows icon bar down), the other meaning of the word iPhone 5 per page can accommodate more many icon-icon. iPhone 5 still maintains with his Display Retina display, graphical display and the color looks bright and sharp.
Apple iPhone 5 Full Review
Apple iPhone 5 Full Review
The power of the camera remains pinned on the camera 8 MP sensor back and to the front of the camera there is a growing into a 1.2 MP who can produce 720 p @ 30 fps video recording. Something new from the camera is its Panoramic feature is added, so that we can take a picture of 240 degrees.
Specs Apple iPhone 5
Specs Apple iPhone 5
If it is seen clearly, the following things are new in iPhone 5:
  • The design of thinner, lighter 18% 20% of iPhone 4S
  • Bigger screen being stretched 4.0 inches
  • Ultrafast wireless
  • Already support 4 g LTE network
  • The speed of the processor that are qualified by Apple chipset A6
  • Earpods (specially designed earphones)
  • Lightning connector
  • Using Nano-sim card slot
To you, who would like to have the Information iPhone 5 is there a bit of important that needs to be known, that the device iPhone 5 takes on activation when first turned on, and this activation requires Nano sim card which must be installed in the slot. Without the sim card in the Nano, you will not be able to complete the activation process. Because in America when the article is created there is no mobile operators which provide cards that Nano-sized sim card, the only way is to cut the cards we become the size of Nano sim card. Even a sim card that is already a non-active can also be used to activate the iPhone 5 (don't forget to turn on the WiFi connection first).
Feature Camera iPhone 5
Feature Camera iPhone 5

iPhone 5 that still has a red thread from iPhone 4/4S with design refresh cuter, slimmer. iPhone 5 this makes the best-selling smart phones today. In addition to the relief against design, also refreshed with better hardware specifications again, Apple chipset A6 make iPhone 5 grew taut and very smooth to play, record and video processing.

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